About The Author

ken_464_175x277Ken Routson is a management consultant, author, visionary, educator and entrepreneur. Because of learning disabilities, he had difficulty with language until the 4th grade. He learned to compensate for most of his disabilities and went on to become a public speaker, teacher and trainer. Since 1978 Ken has traveled throughout the country conducting seminars, workshops and individual classes on stress reduction, self-improvement, empowerment, motivation and prosperity. He has also served as CEO of several corporations and is nationally recognized for his contribution in the field of disabilities.

In 1984 Ken founded Individual Growth and Fulfillment, a consulting company that assists individuals and agencies to be more empowered, enabling them to proactively create their future. His specialty are workshops for empowering those with disabilities.

Ken has just finished his 4th book, Gifts of Autism and Alzheimer’s: Stories of Unconditional Love and Self-Determination and is the author of several other books that assist people in overcoming challenges. He also provides telephone intuitive counseling and Beliefology sessions for people throughout the nation.

Ken is a living testament to the power of this process. His success proves that one’s beliefs in oneself and their ability to attract opportunities are more important than external credentials and circumstances. Utilizing the ideas and techniques in these books, he has doubled his income, attracted a professional job, lucrative consulting contracts, and enjoys work that allows great freedom, flexibility, satisfaction, and fulfillment. He is living his optimal life!

For more information on how to fulfill your optimal vision, contact:
Ken Routson
c/o Tulip Press
PO Box 181212
Fairfield, OH 45018

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