Consulting and Life Coaching

hummingbird3Life is like the theater. Every person is acting in his or her own play, with every character in the play also participating in the writing and directing of the show, much of the time either unconsciously or in the dream state. Therefore, all events are probable and any possible outcome and circumstance can be altered by a person making another conscious choice, changing a belief, or in some situations, changing one’s life purpose.

Ken assists clients in developing a vision of an ideal life and explores techniques to identify limited thinking, emotions, beliefs or bad choices that attracted past problems. These new, regenerative choices lead to attracting joy, prosperity and harmonious relationships that make up the ideal.

Since beliefs create reality, change comes from ascertaining what beliefs are manifesting which results. Ken’s forte is his gift as a belief diagnostician. He helps clients successfully create a Belief Profile from which the erroneous and degenerative beliefs can be changed.

Psychics can only predict the future based on current choices. As choices change so changes “fate.” So instead of predicting the future, Ken teaches clients how to make choices for the highest good that create new, regenerative beliefs that attract the ideal life.

People often consult a psychic with the erroneous idea that their lives are predestined, handing over their own authority to that psychic. Ken teaches clients how to become their own authority by utilizing intuition and the vast inner resources of one’s own psychic realm. He also provides insight into current potentials and offers recommendations on how those probably events can be changed, if desired.


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