Charlotte, NC: Grant

Beliefs are the lens through which we create the perception of our reality; our day-to-day life is the reflection of our beliefs.  In order to change the outer experience, the inner beliefs must change first.  Releasing destructive belief patterns and replacing them with constructive patterns is the key to improving our life experience.  Ken’s book Beliefology provides an excellent foundation for anyone wanting to explore their beliefs so they can recreate their life in a better way.


Cincinnati, Ohio: Linda

Ken’s life coaching and book, Beliefology, helped me to understand and identify my erroneous, limiting beliefs.  Now I’m able to reclaim my power and listen to my INNER GUIDANCE instead of needing validation, approval, or acceptance from others to feel worthy, deserving, or at peace.  I’ve read many books by great teachers over the years, but working with Ken has truly transformed my life.  His easy-to-understand approach and concepts regarding beliefs and fears have been the key to improving my overall emotional well-being.


Charlotte, NC: Maggie

Ken, I simply love your Beliefology CD.  I listened to it twice and am about to listen to it for a third time.  You and Leslie are welcome in Charlotte any time.


Charlotte, NC:  Claire

Ken your book is so readable, honest, and loving.  I will savor each word.


Halifax, Nova Scotia: Janette

I read Beliefology in 1997 and it assisted me in identifying and transforming my beliefs and habitual emotional responses, raising my vibrations.  Consequently within a year this book enabled me to attract many great things into my life, including attracting someone who gave me $135,000!


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